Fourrures Grenier Snow boots in Natural Beaver Fur

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Fourrures Grenier Snow boots in Natural Beaver Fur

These snow boots will keep the feet of your little ones warm and dry during the cold winters.  They have the highest thermal value with their thick beaver fur and the long and lustrous hair warm your little one’s feet perfectly . 

They are the perfect boots for the children who like to play in the snow when the worst of the cold season kicks in!.

  • Premium quality beaver fur
  • Real leather details
  • Lace-up boots with zipper
  • Height 8.5 inches ( sizes 010, 011, 012, 013) and 9.5 inches (sizes 1, 2, 3)
  • Removable multilayer lining
  • Exclusive injected sole Grenier, lifetime warranty
  • Anti-rust steel eyelet
  • This boot has been laboratory tested and its thermal heat exceeds the maximum capacity of the device (-60 °C)
  • Made in Québec, Canada

These boots are also available in black fur.

We make our children’s boots in a wide variety of furs. However, for this age group, the strongest fur is undoubtedly cow fur.