Garcia Wide Jeans

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ClosureButton / zipperFitWide legLengthHigh waistColourBlueFabric74% Cotton / 25% null / 1% ElasthanArticle numberGS200215 4505Colour ID4505 light used

Recycled yarn is our collective name to indicate that the yarns used in this garment are made from recycled material. This can be recycled polyester, for example, but can also be recycled cotton, or a combination of recycled materials. The care label in the clothing describes which material has been used and in what quantity. Recycled materials are made from residual material, which is converted back into raw material. Sustainable wash is our collective name for more sustainable washes. The company Jeanologia has developed an innovative technology called EIM (Environmental Impact Measuring Software). EIM brings efficient and sustainable technologies that guarantee savings from large amounts of water, energy, chemicals and the impact on workers, by eliminating the most harmful and labor-intensive finishing processes for clothing. The lower the score, the less impact. The denim industry is a very polluting and water-intensive process. With each collection we try to do better by reducing our impact. Check this page for more details.