Baffin ICE CASTLE Kids Boot

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ICE CASTLE is equipped with the same comfort, warmth and quality as any of our adult boots. These lightweight, flexible boots allow for kids to take on the winter in any weather. Whether it’s recess, the park or in your own backyard, your kids will have the same Baffin confidence you do. ICE CASTLE includes a removable liner for Spring through Winter, all-season wear.

Insulation Level: Removable Tri-Fit multi-layer inner boot system

Waterproof Level: B-Tek Dry Waterproof

Made in Canada



    The insulated liner can be removed during the warmer seasons


  • Fully moulded, Polar Rubber upper for cold-climate performance
  • Nylon snow collar to protect from the elements


  • Fully moulded, Polar Rubber® outsole for maximized grip and longevity of boot at cold temperatures


    Removable Tri-Fit multi-layer inner boot system featuring:
  • Polywick lining for moisture transfer and evaporation outside of fabric
  • Hi-Density Insulation layer
  • Vapourized Aluminum Membrane for energy reflection and heat regulation

Specs & Care


  • Height: 8.5”
  • External Forefoot Width: 3.50”
  • External Length: 8.75”
  • Weight of Pair: 2.47 lbs
  • Based on Kid’s Size 13


  • Remove all dirt and debris from rubber, nylon or leather
  • Wipe clean and ensure the product is dry before storing
  • Optimal storage in a dark, dry and cool environment