Fourrures Audet Seal Skin Snowmobile Mitts

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These snowmobile seal skin mitten will kerep nice and toasty warm whrn you're out on your snowmobile or ATV rides. These mittens are a must have to add to+ your snowmobile gear. The wrist portion rises to the top of the forearm as opposed to the regular model. In addition, an elastic around the wrist to prevent snow that can infiltrate. The fur also covers the top of the thumb and the inside of the wrist for even more insulation and has a fleece liner inside for extra warmth.

  • Premium natural, biodegradable fur from non-endangered species.
  • Genuine leather, comfortable, flexible and resistant.
  • Felt Fleece liner
  • Handmade in Quebec,
  • Small is more like a women's med-large