Fourrures(Furs) Audet Unisex Snomobile Natural Beaver Fur Mitts

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You will love these natural beaver fur snowmobile mittens. They are designed to keep you warm during your snowmobile or ATV rides. The wrist portion rises to the top of the forearm as opposed to the regular model. In addition, an elastic around the wrist to tighten the mitten and prevent the snow from infiltrating.

With its high density, beaver fur is the hottest which makes this mitten a must for winter!

The soft leather and the seam in the middle of the hand allow malleability and dexterity. The sheep lining is removable to dry when wet.

  • Premium natural, biodegradable fur 
  • Hand made
  • Genuine leather, comfortable, flexible and resistant.
  • Removable Sheer Beaver lining
  • Made in Quebec, Canada.