Fourrures (Furs) Grenier Black Long Hair Cowhide Boots Classic Model

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Black cowhide hair boot, perfect for more physical activities or for more robust work. Very good value for money. The cowhide is very thick and its fur has a good density, which contributes to giving resistance and also a high thermal value to these boots. They are therefore very durable and will keep your feet warm.

  • Black dyed cow fur
  • Genuine leather trim
  • With laces and ratchet closures
  • Height of 12 inches including the sole
  • Removable multi-layer interior linings
  • Exclusive Fourrures Grenier injected soles, guaranteed for life
  • Rust-proof steel grommets
  • These boots have also been tested in the laboratory and their thermal heat exceeded the maximum capacity of the device, which is -60°C.
  • Made in Quebec

We are particularly proud to offer the best warranty on the market. Therefore, to ensure you purchase the authentic Fourrures Grenier boot, always look for our name under the sole.

  • Our durable sole is guaranteed for life.
  • A 5-year warranty applies to other components.
  • Fire, excessive heat, snowmobile toe warmers and contact with petroleum products can damage the soles of your boots. We therefore assume no responsibility for this damage.
  • Fur wear is not guaranteed.

It is therefore important that you keep your invoice since we will only honor our guarantee upon presentation of it.


When you first try them on, you may think your boots are too small. Remember that the inner lining is made of foam that will conform and take the shape of your foot. So you should be tight, but pain-free.

Note that both boots are identical (no right or left foot). You can make an identification on the inside label of the lining (L – R) or simply cut the label of the right foot, in order to distinguish the left boot from the right boot.