Fourrures (Furs) Grenier Rabbit Fur and Seal Skin Pompom Boots

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These longer rabbit fur and seal skin boots are an online exclusivity for the La Griffe collection. They are designed to have a beautiful blend of furs that will keep you warm while giving you a great look

  • Feet in black or brown tinted seal skin
  • Legs in black or natural rabbit fur
  • Big black or natural rabbit fur pompoms
  • Cow leather details
  • Without zipper
  • Height including the sole : 15 inches
  • Multilayer and removable lining
  • Grenier exclusive injected sole, lifetime warranty
  • This boot has been laboratory tested and its thermal heat has exceeded the maximum capacity of the device (-60 ° C)

We are extremely proud to offer the best warranty on the market. To buy the authentic Grenier boot, make sure to always look for our name under the sole.

  • Our resistant sole is life guaranteed
  • The other components have a 5-year warranty
  • Fire, excessive heat, snowmobile foot warmers and petroleum products can damage the sole of your boots. We take no responsibility for these damages
  • Fur wear is not guaranteed

It is very important to keep your bill since we will honor our guarantee only on presentation of it.

Technical specifications


This product cannot be exported in the United States and Europe.