Hides in Hand Women's Bucket Bag Purse-Olive

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Genuine deer skin leather with full fabric inner liner and zipper closure. Outer pockets. Strap lenght: 35", extension strap included: 9". Size: 16" x 17".


- Genuine Deerskin leather
- Adjustable strap
- Zipper closure with leather maple leaf zipper pull
- Outer pocket 


We suggest applying a good quality leather spray to your items to add longevity and to water proof the item if needed. We do not recommend using Dubbin Oil. The bright color leathers we use 'might' have some color transfer. Don't be alarmed by this, this is normal and there is nothing to be worried about. The tannery has worked hard to getting the colors right through the leather, and not just applied to the surface.

If you are feeling courageous, our lighter colored items can be hand washed. Immerse completely in a cold water bath, use a mild soap, even hair shampoo and wash thoroughly. Make sure to rinse really well and leave to air dry. Your item can be placed in the dryer for a few minutes to finish drying off. Using the dryer is not recommended for any of our crepe soled moccasins.

The Moose and Deerskin leathers that we receive from the tannery are not treated with waxes or coatings. This is why the leather is so naturally soft and luxurious, and ultimately why you fell in love with us.

Yes...the leathers can be washed and are not afraid of the water, but fading and discoloration can occur and change the look of your product. Certainly not the durability of it. This is not a bad thing, it just makes your moccasins or bag look a bit more worn in. Just think of the animals natural outdoor habitat. Moose hide and deerskin gets more beautiful as it ages.

The natural oils from our hands enhances the beauty of these leathers. Do not be alarmed at any first sight of markings or wear. Our products look beautiful when brand new, yes, of course, but just wait. They look better with age. They patina and age nicely.

Note: Ink from pens are permanent and be aware of those brand new jeans you bought as the dye will come off onto your new handbag. (Refer to the washing instructions of heavily dyed garments that you may own).