L&P Apparel Girls' Taal 1.0 Mid-Season Outdoor Pants

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Mid-season outdoor pants. Made of polyester and cotton lined for spring, All thoughtful details offer both a unique and exclusive look, in addition to comfort and effective protection. Created in a tighter cut ... because you're never too cool, even when playing outside!

  • Style : Taal 1.0.
  • Serie : Girls HE10.
  • Exterior color : Black.
  • Lined color : Floral Taal.

L&P Apparel Girls’ Taal 1.0 Mid-Season Outdoor Pants



  • Exterior made of nylon.
  • Lined in cotton.
  • Adjustable waist (side velcros).
  • Water-resistant.
  • Functional pockets.
  • Narrow cut for the perfect look.
  • L&P exclusive.